Council Services

The Council is responsible for the provision and maintenance of a wide range of services to its ratepayers and residents in its over 780 hectares locality. These services include sanitation services, roads, car park, business- hours, gardens, parks, and public recreation amenities and also facilities such as Municipal Library, Market, Civic Auditorium.

Our town council has six departments which provide service to the whole of Nadi.


The Nadi Town Council Library was established on 15th October 1964 under the Chairmanship of Library Committee Chairman Mr M.F. Clay (JP), however, it was officially opened on 16th December 1964. Chairman at the time of opening was Mr K. Jamnadas. The first part time Librarian of the Library was Mr A. Mukherjee.

Children of Nadi can now enjoy the services of a pre-school section which was officially opened at the Nadi Town Council Library on Thursday (26/06/08).The project was made possible through the generous personal donation of Nadi Town Council’s former chief executive officer Robin Ali who donated $4,500 and the Bula Festival Association which donated $10,000.

Nadi Town Council is the first computerized Public Library in Fiji running Koha Software which was published on 08/12/2011. We offer books, magazines, newspapers and internet sites.

The following are the services provides by our library:

• Internet Cafe
• Adult Membership
• Student Membership
• Pre-School
• Automated Library
• Photocopying and Printing
• Research Materials – Vertical Files on various subjects
• Issuing of Junior Fiction/Non-Fiction books, Adult Fiction/Non-Fiction Books, Easy Books

Opening Hours

Our Library is open from 9.00am to 5.00 pm, Monday to Friday and from 9.00am to 1.00pm, on Saturdays.

Enforcement Department

 The following are the services provided by Enforcement department:

Providing Traffic Services
• Avoid Traffic congestion in Control Business District (CBD)
• Provide better Services for Disabled People
• Provide better Public Transport
• To control and Minimize Traffic Offenders
• Conducting Random Patrol Checking
• To prevent illegal activities within the Town Boundary

Engineering Department
Grass Cutting

• Council Boundary Road Verges
• All Council Parks
• Council Open Space
• Nadi Queens Rd from Bridge Temple End to Votualevu Roundabout

Drain Cleaning

• All Council Boundary Drain

Street Cleaning

• Street Sweeping
• Raking of Visible Garbage

Street Light

• Maintenance of Street Light


• Maintenance of Council Planter Garden
• Tree Trimming
• Pruning of Garden
• Planting New Plants


• PIL Park – Near Bus Stand, Nadi Town
• Bula Park – Near Civic Centre, Nadi Town
• Goundar Park – Goundar Rd, Martintar
• Summerville Park – Mehotra St, Martintar
• M.C Patel Park – Gray St, Martintar
• Josephine William’s Park – Cawa Rd, Martintar
• Seven Day Church Park – Senijale Rd, Waqadra
• Methodist Church Park – Vudi Crescent, Waqadra
• R.C Manubhai Park – Vunisalato Rd, Namaka
• Dr. Kewal Park – Transville Rd ATS Sub-Div, Namaka
• Saketa Park – Udreilagi Rd, Votualevu
• Turuva Park – Turuva Rd, Votualevu
• Naciqa Park – Koroitamana Rd, Matavolivoli
• Wailoaloa Park – Wailoaloa Rd, Martintar

Public Convenience

• User Pay Toilet – Round Toilet, Nadi Town
• Nadi Market, Nadi Town
• Civic Centre Toilet – Nadi Civic Arcade, Nadi Town
• Bus Stand Toilet – Nadi Bus Stand, Nadi Town
• Namaka Market Toilet

Maintenance of Council Properties

• Repairing Council Property Only
• Clearance of Council Properties Sewer Line

Hire Services – Advance Booking For Available Dates

• Prince Charles Park Charges
• Koroivolu Park – Finance
• Nair Dais Park – Finance
• Civic Centre

Public Beach

• Wailoaloa Beach – Wailoaloa Rd, Martintar

Health Department

• Manage the Health Department and plan, organize, develop and control staff of the Department so that all relevant Acts and Regulations are correctly administered.
• Provide professional advise to the Council and the Chief Executive Officer on all health and Environment matters. Initiate changes for greater productivity and improved services.
• Develop and maintain a programme of inspections to ensure that all regulations and safety measures are met.
• Liaise with all other departments in the Council office to ensure services provided to the ratepayers and residents meet the highest health standards and timely preventative and corrective action is taken wherever necessary.
• Maintain and control the Department’s budget and be accountable to the Chief Executive Officer and the Council for expenditure. Ensure delegations are correctly exercised.
• Prepare concise reports to the Council and Chief Executive Officer.
• Administer and enforce the various relevant Acts, Subsidiary Legislation’s.
• Instigate and institute prosecution for and on behalf of the Council in Health and Environment matters.
• Have innovative approach to management, ability to implement cost-effective changes and engender increased productivity.


The following are the services provided by the Health department:

• Issuance of Business Licence
• Scrutinizing of Building Plans
• Public Health Education and Awareness
• Preparing and Serving of Summons
• Inspecting Premises under Public Health Act
• Attending Complaints
• Garbage & Recyclables Collection
• Food Condemnation
• Mosquito Spraying
• Larval Sampling
• Water Sampling
• 3R Education and Awareness
• Organizing workshops for Major Stakeholders i.e. Business Committees
• Conduct Professional Development sessions upon request by MOE
• Building Inspection
• Issuance of Spot fines and Litter Notices
• House to House Inspections
• Dog Trapping
• Inspect vacant Lots and Issuance of Notices
• Issuing Health clearances for Hotels and Motels to Hotel Licensing Board

Finance and Administrative Operations

The following are the services provided by the Finance and Administrative Operations department:

• Revenue Collection
• Financial Control
• Financial Reporting
• Budgeting
• Rates Payment
• Rates Enquiries
• Rates Waiver/Discount etc
• Parking Meter Infringements/Payments
• Personnel/Payroll
• Council Properties on Rent for occasions and family functions

Building Department

 The following are the services provided by the Building Department:

• Issuance of Development Permits
• Advertisement Control
• Rezoning
• Sub-divisions
• Development Control
• Issuance of Business Licences
• Building and Site inspections
• Town Planning
• Town Planning Act
• Town Planning Scheme
• General Provisions
• Public Health (Building) Regulations
• Building Code of Fiji

Building Plan Requirements

All plans to be prepared by registered consultants who pay business licenses to Respective Authorities.
• Applications to include 3 sets of plans and two (2) sets of specifications
• Title Copy/Legal Ownership Documents to be submitted.
• Landlords Consent [NLTB, Lands Department, Housing Authority] • Plans to contain Water Authority of Fiji’s sewer connection consent.
• Plans to be certified by a registered structural engineer, including Design certificate and calculations.
• Professional Indemnity Cover copy to be submitted by the Registered Consultants.
• For all workplaces e.g. Commercial, Industrial or where Applicable to provide.

a) Ministry of Labour (HSAW) consent on plans and prior approval certification.
b) National Fire Authority (NFA) certification for fire compliance on plans.

• Developers/owner of land must engage competent and qualified Registered consultants who possess current Professional Indemnity Insurance Policies.
• All plans and specifications to comply with National Building Code of Fiji, Cap 111 Public Health Act and General Provisions.

 Before & During Construction Requirements

• All boundary pegs to be verified by a registered surveyor and certificate forward to Council.
• Building refundable deposit to be paid before construction starts.
• All appointments for inspections to be made 24hours prior to inspections.
• Council to be called for all inspections by authorized Building Inspectors.
• Structural engineers’ inspection reports must be submitted for multi-storey structures including test results of concrete etc.
• An engineers’ completion certificate to be obtained from the registered Engineer supervising the construction.
• A Council completion certificate and approval be obtained before occupying the completed work.
• All conditions of the Building Permit must be fully met by the Developer/owner of land.
• All plumbing works to be inspected by Council before trenches are backfilled.
• Side yard clearance to be 3m.

 Fees & Charges And Notice

• Plans Renewal – $15.00/year
• Search Fee – $15.00
• Photocopying A4 – $1.40
A3 – $2.00
• Inspections will not be carried out on rainy days
• All appointments to be done 24 hours earlier