Dog Trapping 2018 - Stray dogs are a major issue faced by any Council and Nadi is not exempt from this issue. The amount of stray dogs found roaming our streets are appalling and shows a lack of ownership and compassion for dogs as pets. Given that dogs often present a major health and safety issue the council conducts […]
Cleanup 2018 - Nadi Town Council through its service charter provides rate payers with quarterly clean-up service in which rate payers are encouraged to clean up their compounds and place all refuse onto the roadside which is then cleared by the council. This exercise has been long going and is seen as a way to help rate payers […]
Wailoaloa Beach Cleanup 2018 - After coordinating with Projects Abroad and the Bula Festival Committee a clean- up of the Wailoaloa beach side was conducted. In total 31 people were involved in the clean-up which targeted all litter strewn across the beach side. In total 80 garbage bags of litter namely plastic bottles, wrappers, Styrofoam containers, plastics, cartons and other […]
Bula Festival 2018 - Bula Festival will be held from 14th – 21st July which will be followed by the anticipated declaration of Nadi as a City. The declaration date is yet to be confirmed.
Circular 2018 - Click on the link below to see the Circular on Clean Up/Fight The Bite Campaign – 2018 2018 Circulars
Bula Festival 2017 - The town of Nadi comes alive with marching bands, parades and a competition to crown the annual Miss Bula during the Bula Festival. The colorful and sparkly traditional Fijian costumes are a sight to behold, as are the Pacific dancing competition and Bollywood night. The Bula Festival will be held from July 22nd to the […]
Chinese Delegation Visit 2017 - The delegation from the Shenzhen City visited Nadi Town Council on Tuesday, 28/03/2017 to have some better understanding on the investment opportunities, infrastructure upgrading, agricultural processing and other developments in Nadi and Fiji as a whole    
Town Rates 2017 - 1. TOWN RATES – 2017 In compliance with Section 72 of the Local Government Act, Cap 125 notice is hereby given that the Council in pursuance of Part IX of the said Act has struck the following rates for the year 2017 and will be levied on the unimproved value of all rateable land within […]
National Library Week 2016 - This year’s National Library Week was held from 5th September to 10th September 2016. The theme of the week was “Libraries Transform”. This year’s National Children’s Library Week was a success. The week long programme for Kindergarten, Primary, and Secondary school students was held at the Civic center with lots of interest amongst the teachers […]