Master Plan

The Council now has a master plan to revitalize the central business district of Nadi. The first stage is:

Improved Traffic Safety
Intersections are improved through kerb extensions to minimize illegal use of the corners. Sight lines have improved as a result. There is better management of car parking in these areas.

Improved Pedestrian Safety
Crossing areas are clearly defined through kerb extensions which reduces the effective distance that a pedestrian has to cross the road. These crossing are raised platforms, further increasing safety due to the reduced traffic speed at these crossings.

Reduced Traffic Speed
Due to the raised platforms at crossing points speed will be encouraged to remain at an acceptable and safe level.

Provision for People with Disabilities
With the use of tactic marker pavers at crossing points, crossing the road has been made simpler and safer for people with impaired vision (This measure complies with International standard).The raised platform at crossing make it easier for pedestrians on wheelchairs.

Improved Visual Aesthetics
The overall aesthetics of the street space has been greatly enhanced through planting and gardens, new streetlights, seats and garbage bins.

Town Planning Scheme

 Nadi Town Council with effective from 20th April, 1998 is operating under a revised scheme compiled by Director Town & Country Planning. The objectives of the scheme are:

1.To develop policies and proposals and relate them to precise areas of land.
2.To Provide Detailed basis for development control.
3.To provide a detailed basis for co-ordinating the developments and their use of land.
4.To bring local and detailed planning issues before the public.


The zoning proposal as shown in the scheme is to achieve a sound orderly pattern which can cater for the future growth of Nadi Town for the next ten years or so. The table below shows the area occupied by land use.

Residential 2064 77%
Commercial 322 12%
Industrial 141 6%
Special Use 58 2%
Others 73 3%
TOTAL 2658 100%

Nadi Town Expansion Plan

town boundary expansion