Environment & Health

Below are the activities carried out by the Council’s Health Department

  1. Public Health Works
  • Awareness and Education – Prepare and Distribute (house to house) awareness brochure
  1. Inspection
  • Premises Inspection
  • Hotel inspections-Renewal/Issuance of Licences
  • Business licences
  1. Food Establishment Grading
  • Create awareness for Restaurant Grading – Enforcement of Restaurant Grading
  1. Bilateral and Multi-lateral links
  • Work closely with Labour Department, National Fire Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health & Medical Services, Department of Environment, other Municipal Councils, ICLEI-L G for Sustainability, Police Department, Department of Town & Country Planning and Ministry of Waterways.
  1. Clean, Healthy, Liveable and Safe Environment
  • Provide garbage collection service, green/bulky waste collection, shredding services, routine zone ward inspection, collection of recyclables, general clean-up campaign and support clean up Campaigns by stakeholders
  1. Vector Control
  • Conduct Larval Sampling, Continuous monitoring of premises for vector control, Support Live & Learn-World Mosquito Program
  1. Sanitary Landfill
  • Work closely with Sigatoka Town Council/ DoE and other stakeholders for acquiring land
  1. Training
  • To release staff for workshop/training
  1. Information management system
  • To network with MOH/VCU/SDMO/DoE/FCU/Councils
  1. Health Promotion
  • To work closely with NGO’s-HP Activities
  1. Dog Trapping Exercise/Animal Nuisance
  • Continue Dog trapping with assistance from Ministry of Agriculture
  1. Waste Minimization and Recycling Promotion
  • Sustainability – Distribution of leaflet/Revisits, Community Outreach – 3R Awareness
  • Collection of Recyclables – Namaka ward, Martintar ward and Town ward – Residential
  • Home Composting – Promotion and Sale of Home Composter
  • J-PRISM – Support and Sustain
  • Eco – Bag Promotion – Collection of Waste Material from Garment Factory, Distribute Materials to Women’s Group, Continue Promotion and Sale.
  1. Clean School Program
  • Preparation of schedule, Planning for the year, Invitation letter for schools
  • Implementation – Visit schools to inform and invite, Receive action plan from schools
  • School practices – Monitoring, Judgment, Awarding ceremony
  1. Added Responsibility – Services to Extended Town Boundary
  • Inspections of Extended Town Boundary/Rural Sanitary District development control follow Instructions from MoLG/Planning, Provide garbage collection service, Provide green waste collection, Provide shredding service, Routine Zone Ward Inspection, General Clean-up Campaign (ETB), Clean up Campaigns by stakeholders