Clean-Up Campaign 2019


This is to inform the ratepayers and citizens that Council will be providing collection of white goods, E-wastes, tyres and green waste in all three (3) wards as per the schedule below.

February – March 25th February 28th February 4th March
June 17th June 20th June 24th June
October 14th October 17th October 21st October


Residents and ratepayers are requested to take advantage of the “Environment Clean-up Campaign” by thoroughly cleaning up their compounds taking special care in removing any articles, containers or waste likely to retain water and harbor mosquitoes. This exercise will involve all difficult waste including tyres, white goods (electronics and electrical waste) residential backyard waste such as empty cans, bottles, coconut shells and discarded household utensils. This will eliminate all breeding grounds for mosquitoes and pests.


“All waste consisting of trunk & branches shall be cut in to ½m length for safe handling during these clean-up campaigns”.

Refuse should be placed on roadside on the 1st date  of the respective month in front of the premises before 7.00am; away from the fire hydrants, water valves, water meters, sewerage chambers, telephone and electrical pillar boxes and also avoid blocking driveway or access ways. No refuse shall be placed on access denial strip or along Queens Road except where unavoidable.

The collection team will go through the area once only and the council will not be responsible for the removal of any refuse placed after the allocated time. Any person found abandoning or depositing refuse/litter after the collection schedule will be issued with a Spot fine of $40.00 under the Litter (amendment) Act 2010 and Litter Act 2008.

Also note that residents are to avoid from parking vehicles near refuse piles on the dates of the collection.








Separate collection service of recyclables and Garbage collection


In 2019 the Nadi Town Council will continue with the separate collection of recyclables as has been the practice since 2011.

Target Items

  • Paper, newspaper, office paper, magazine, cardboard, old clothes (dry and clean).
  • PET bottles, plastic bottles, hard plastics (dry and clean).
  • Metals-copper, brass and iron.


  1. Separate collection service of Recyclables

Frequency: twice a month (1st and 3rd Wednesdays).


  1. Garbage collection service

Frequency: Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


  1. Separate collection service of Recyclables

Frequency: (Residential): Twice a month (2nd and 4th Wednesdays).

Frequency: (Commercial): Weekly every Wednesday.

  1. Garbage collection service


Frequency (Residential): Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Frequency: (Commercial): 5 days per week except Wednesdays and Sundays.


  1. Separate collection service of Recyclables

Frequency (Residential): Twice a month.

1st and 3rd Thursdays– Bountiful, Waqadra Housing, Namaka Park, Waqadra Cooperative, Beddoes and Namaka Industrial.


2nd and 4th Thursdays– ATS Stage I/II, Concave Subdivision, Votualevu Low cost, Deo Street, Matavolivoli, Savunawai, Tanoa Housing.



Frequency (Commercial): Weekly every Thursday.


  1. Garbage collection service


Frequency: (Residential): Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  


Frequency: (Commercial):  6 days per week except Sunday.






How to Store Recyclables

  • Please keep recyclables in a nylon bag distributed to your house or any discharge container.


How to Discharge Recyclables

  • Place the bag /discharge containers on the curb side by 7.00am.
  • Do not discharge cartons/ clothes on the rainy day.






Separation at source








Discharge manner                                                        Monitoring & collection by Council






  1. Home Composting

Home composting is an effective activity to treat residential kitchen and garden waste which is easy to manage. The council is promoting home composting as part of its waste minimization plan and is promoting organic compost use in home gardens.


If you are interested in home composting, please call into our office for more information.




Compost Bin                                                               Organic waste composting process



  1. Dog/Cat Control Exercise



The Nadi Town Council is inundated with both domesticated and stray dog/cat complaints from its ratepayers and the directive by the Ministry of Local Government Housing and Environment for councils to take proactive role in the control of stray animals has prompted the Council to arrange for continuous dog/cat trapping exercise within the municipal boundary assisted by the Ministry of Agriculture.


It is envisaged that there are two elements to dog/cats problems; one was stray dogs/cats and the other domesticated dogs/cats. Therefore, there are needs for awareness campaigns for people who own domesticated pets.


The owners of pets should know that there is certain responsibility of pet ownership which included de-sexing/spaying, licensing, un-tying of dogs/cats for the effective control of these pets.


Once a pet/stray animal is caught by the Council through the trapping exercise it will be housed for 12 (twelve) daylight hours for collection by owners after paying necessary fees failing which council will rid of the animal.







  1. Use of proper garbage receptacles

Nadi Town Council has noted with concern that many residents are discharging the garbage for collection in supermarket plastic bags, cartons, native baskets, sacks and open plastic buckets. This not only looks unsightly but is in contravention to Public Health Act Cap 111 and Litter (Amendment) Act 2010 and Litter Act 2008 . It has been encountered that these materials are easily accessible and torn by stray and pet dogs which are let loose in the streets and cause litter problem within the town.

Take note that it is mandatory as per the provisions of the Public Health Act Cap 111 that:- “ every owner or occupier of any premises shall provide sufficient number of garbage pans, each of a capacity of not more than 3 cubic feet (0.085m³/85L) of a type and shape approved by the local authority (Nadi Town Council) and provided with tight fitting lids, for the reception of dust, garbage, ashes and refuse arising from or existing upon such premises and shall:-

  • At all times keep such garbage pans close covered except when depositing dust, garbage, ashes or refuse therein.
  • Keep the garbage pans and covers thereof clean and in good repair and condition.
  • Place the garbage pans in position easily accessible to the Nadi Town Councils garbage collector and, when more than one is necessary, they shall be placed together.

All residents are informed and warned to cease using improper garbage receptacles forthwith.

Any person or corporate body or any other organisation who is found to be using improper garbage bags such as supermarket plastic bags, cartons, native baskets, sacks, and open plastic buckets will not only be issued with insanitary notice to provide proper garbage pans  but will also be issued on-the-spot fine of $40.00 as per the provision of Litter (Amendment) Act 2010 and Litter Act 2008 and be further liable to a fine not exceeding $1,000.00 upon successful conviction.  Alternatively a red sticker will be placed by council on any improper/Defective bins.

It is anticipated that all businesses and residents will co-operate with the Council in Keeping Nadi Clean, beautiful, healthy and liveable and assist in achieving its CITY STATUS.











Sticker for improper/defective bins




  1. Open Fire


It has been noticed that ratepayers and citizens are practicing open burning of objects or matter at or around their premises/road verges and vacant lots within the boundary.

Ratepayers and citizens are advised that it is an offence under the Local Government Act Cap 125 By law 3, 4 and 5 section 122- Nadi (Open Fires) by-laws, to burn, any object or matter which may constitute a hazard to health or the safety of any person or property OR light any fire from which a pollutant is released into the environment, without prior consent in writing from the council.

You are therefore advised to forthwith cease the practice of open fire in or around your premises, road verges and vacant lots, failing which legal action will be instituted against offenders under the law.

You may contact the National Fire Authority on phone: 6700475 or 9987515 (station office) or 910 (Vodafone); 912 (Digicel).

  1. Eco-Bag Promotion
A project for the promotion and sales of Eco-bags (made from waste cut pieces) in cooperation with the women’s groups and the garment factories/ tailoring shops in Nadi. The new 20 cents levy on plastic bags capitalizes the opportunity for women of various groups to earn a living while protecting the environment from plastic bag menace.


The bags are sold at the Health Department of the council and are affordable, durable, and washable.


This is an awareness rising on the promotion of the Eco-bags to our citizens, ratepayers and visitors



Contact the Councils Health Department on 6700 133 extensions 125 or email for further information.