Dog Trapping 2018

Stray dogs are a major issue faced by any Council and Nadi is not exempt from this issue. The amount of stray dogs found roaming our streets are appalling and shows a lack of ownership and compassion for dogs as pets.

Given that dogs often present a major health and safety issue the council conducts regular dog trapping exercises in the hopes of curbing the issue. Dog traps are set in areas where we receive complains. We DO NOT use poison in our bait as a means of getting reed of these dogs. Once they are trapped, they are taking to our council depot where there are housed for 12 daylight hours. The dogs are released to any person willing to take care of them.

Given below is a breakdown of trappings done for the last few months:

Month Traps Set Dogs Trapped Complaints Received
October 6 2
November 11 3 4
December 10 2 2
January 7 2
February 9 7 3
March 12 4 2
May 2 2 5