Cleanup 2018

Nadi Town Council through its service charter provides rate payers with quarterly clean-up service in which rate payers are encouraged to clean up their compounds and place all refuse onto the roadside which is then cleared by the council.

This exercise has been long going and is seen as a way to help rate payers clean their compounds without the hassle of worrying about transportation and dumping expenditure.

Rate Payers are encouraged to take out items which are not targeted in the normal garbage collection routine such as, garden refuse, old or broken appliances and furniture and other household waste. The council distributes a circular which stipulates the time of collection for each ward, the method of disposal and the type of waste that is collected.

So far this year the Council has carried out two of its Quarterly Clean-ups in January and April, with two more to be conducted in July and October. Apart from this the Council has also carried out a clean-up in the wake of flooding caused during Cyclone Josie and Cyclone Keni.

Given below is a breakdown of the amount of refuse carted from the Town, through each clean-up:


  No. of Loads Tonnage
1st Quarter 122 256.82
Cyclone Josie & Keni 39 104.62
2nd Quarter 128 355.15